We are proud to announce that the 31st Annual Burley Boot Camp will be held on October 16th-20th, 2024 , here in Beautiful Phoenix, AZ. We will, of course, follow all parameters required (at that time) for events.

We think most everyone is ready to go after the long shut down caused by the pandemic. I know we sure are. We have assembled our team and are prepared to deliver the Greatest Burley Boot Camp in history.

God Bless and we will see you here in Phoenix, AZ, soon!!!

John R. Burley, Founder & CEO
Burley & Associates, Inc.
Since 1989

John Burley Proudly Announces the 31st Annual

Burley Boot Camp "Field Training Experience"
October 16th-20th, 2024

Burley Boot Camp "Field Training Experience"

Burley Boot Camp, an event like no other.  Started back in the 1990s when "Boot Camp" actually meant something.  John Burley has maintained The Tradition and has been leading people through his "hands on", "in the field", "actually doing" "making calls", "attending 'live' auctions", "inspecting properties", "finding and working with Realtors", "making written offers", "buying properties", "selling properties", "raising private money", event for years.

Check this out, here are Three Burley Boot Camp Facts:

1 - Burley Boot Camp has produced more Financially Independent Investors than any other training in the world.  These are Graduates who (on average) in 18 months to 3 years had created enough "positive cash flow" to live for the rest of their lives.

2 - Burley Boot Camp has produced more "Century Club" Members than any other training in the world.  Those are Graduates who went on to build a portfolio of over 100 cash flowing properties.  This list is a "Who's Who" of "Real Estate Investors".

3 - Burley Boot Camp has the highest rate of success of any other training in the world.  After Graduating from Burley Boot Camp, you leave with a 90-Day Plan of Action.  Everyone who has followed the plan has gone on to cut a deal and make at least $10,000.

Do We Have Your Attention?

“If You Give Me 10 Minutes Right Now I’ll Show You How To Make Money In THIS Real Estate Market… SAFELY and WITHOUT RISK... Read On...”

Finally! Here's A Step-By-Step Guide To The Techniques, Strategies, And Tactics That Are Working Right Now No Matter Where You Live… PLUS I’ll Show You How You Can Do It Even If You Work Full Time...

Dear Friend,

It’s a crazy time right now.

You can’t pick up a newspaper, or turn the TV on without hearing news about what’s happening in Real Estate right now. Real Estate is Recovering, Rebounding, Going up in Value.  Hedge Funds and International Investors are flooding into many American Markets because they can see how undervalued things are and the great profits to be made..

And it’s true.

Right now, in Real Estate, pretty much everywhere, it is getting better and better.  And yes, there are even those parts of the country that are actually appreciating, sometimes up to 10%, 20%, 30% per year!.

In the next few minutes I want to give you an understanding of how to make the most money ever in Real Estate, even if you don't have any money!

You see, I’ve been a real investor for more than 30 years, and in that time I’ve been through this same cycle 3 times before.

Making this my fourth time around.

And you want to know something really cool? My biggest breakthroughs in terms of money, taking my life to the next level, and providing security for my family all came as a result of what I did when the market was down…or recovering...never when it was up on top.  In other words, in markets just like RIGHT NOW is when I made the MOST MONEY!

Before I get into that, let me take a minute here to share with you why you should listen to me.

Now, this is not about bragging, or about telling you I made a billion-gazillion dollars or anything like that. I’m just going to present you with the facts of who I am, what I’ve accomplished, and what I’m doing right now.

But why?

Because that way you can decide for yourself if you should keep reading.

You see, I’m a big believer in over-delivering, every time. We are not in business for a single transaction, but rather to have a relationship with you, our client.  So, in order for you to make the best decisions in life, you’ve got to have information.

You have to know, for sure, if what you’re learning is actually worth your time. And part of that is knowing who the information is coming from.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some things you should know about me.

In case you don’t know by now, my name is John Burley and I'm going to go out on a limb here and instead of hyping anything up, I'm just going to give you the facts

  • Fact: I have been a Real Estate Investor for over 30 Years.
  • Fact: I have done more long-term Real Estate Deals than almost anyone who has ever taught. To date we are at 1,400 plus transactions and counting. These are my deals, I own them. None of these are student deals, quickie flips, or deals I funded. These are real deals that we found, bought, rehabbed and managed, holding most for 7-12 years or longer.
  • Fact: I've been a real estate investor for over 30 years now and in that time my company has paid over 58,950 mortgage payments and counting on the investment properties we control and own.
  • Fact: I have done more long-term Real Estate Deals than almost anyone who has ever taught. These are my deals, I own them. None of these are student deals, quickie flips, or deals I funded. These are real deals that we found, bought, rehabbed and managed, holding most for 7-12 years or longer.
  • Fact: I've been a real estate investor for over 30 years now and in that time my company has made tens of thousands of mortgage payments and counting on the investment properties we control and own

Again, I mention this because I want you to know my track record and know that I am the real deal.  I wanted to reassure you and let you know that I’ve been investing for a very long time and I’m here to stay, I’m not going anywhere.  I actively invest to this day and we have no intentions of changing that.

My phone number has never changed, my address is still the same, and my email is the same email I’ve used for longer than I can remember.

But here’s something even more important than any of that.

The bulk of my business and income comes from…



I look at it this way, it is the responsibility of the "Teacher" to have lots of "runs on the board".  To have a "track record" that people can see and follow.

My experience has been that the best "Teacher's" are the one's who have a great long-term (20 years plus) track record, along with practical and ACTIVE experience in today's market.

You see, I am "Old School", to the point that I never even thought about teaching how to invest until I had well over 100 properties in my personal portfolio.  For me I want a "teacher" who can bring the numbers for a long time, how about you?

Let me ask you a simple question…

...if you all of a sudden STOP doing what it is you’re supposed to be teaching, how long before the market simply passes your knowledge?


It was the prayer of my husband and I for god to lead us to someone who could help us through a difficult time in our lives.

Since the events of 9/11, my husband’s company (US Airways/pilot) has completely stripped him of his retirement and cut his pay in half. We thought we were living “The American Dream,” and anticipated a lump sum retirement of about three million dollars.


We weren’t looking for a “quick fix”. We wanted a life-changing experience that would put “us” in control of our destiny. We also wanted to educate our children in order for them to avoid the same false security.

Mr. Burley, you have unselfishly and generously given us your expertise to gaining “financial power.” You have helped restore our self esteem, given us confidence to take control of our lives, and share with us a group of people who form the best support team I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We have a long way to go, but at least we’ve left the starting blocks.

Truly heart-felt thanks,
Cheryl Whitiside


October 16th-20th, 2024

Think about it.

If you’re not out there doing deals every day, there’s just no way to know how to deal with the challenges in today’s market.

There’s just no way.

Which is why I DO NOT speak full time. In fact, speaking and teaching is a much smaller part of my business.


Because I spend most of my time investing. In fact, I am currently hiring more staff because we’re ramping up our investing to take advantage of the current market.

Now that I’ve shared with you a bit of who I am and why you should listen to me, let’s get right in and let’s talk about the market that we’re in.

A lot of people compare the current real estate market with what was going on in the early 80’s or early 90’s and… they are similar in many ways. Foreclosures are up, (way up actually) just like in the 80’s - 90’s.

Prices are going down, and in many areas, way down. And fewer people are able to get financing which means a drop in buyers making lease options a very attractive option for many, many people looking to own their own home.

But there’s a very important distinction, and it is…

Before I tell you the extremely important difference between our current market conditions and those of the early 80’s and early 90’s, you’ve got to see something...

It was during the timeframe of the early 90’s that I made much of my money.

My biggest breakthroughs in terms of money in my pocket, elimination of debt, and long-term, sustainable wealth and growth occurred in the early 90’s (In the early 80’s I was too scared and told myself too many stories to do anything in a big way).

Listen up.

Most people think that wealth is created when the market is up, that’s simply not true. The reason why the 80’s & 90’s were so full of profit for me and many, many others is simple. We bought when things were low. Of course, there’s a lot more involved in real estate investing than just buying low, but let’s keep this simple for now.

In all types of investments, the money is made when you BUY and NOT when you sell. Yes, I do understand this is contrary to what most people believe and what most people will teach and that’s precisely why most people in this country and the world will NEVER be financially secure.

So once you understand that your money is made when you buy and not when you sell, it becomes a question of recognizing an opportunity when you see it.

Here, take my hand and let’s do a little time travel…

When Microsoft first went public, a share would have set you back a whopping $21 bucks. Today, that $21 dollars would be worth about $7,479.72 that’s an astounding 37,974% return!

If only you knew, right? Well, history does have a tendency to repeat itself, and it’s repeating itself right now in the real estate market… with a very big difference.

The big distinction between what was going on in the 80’s & 90’s and what’s going on today is…

...in the current market we have historically low interest rates.

All of the factors that allowed me to exponentially increase my wealth during the 90’s are here now, but with the added bonus of low interest.


Life changing! Thank you! What can I say but awesome? Everybody was absolutely wonderful and it was an absolute honor to spend the last five days with everyone.

- Tom Feazle


October 16th-20th, 2024

The Five Reasons Why I Call This Market... "The Perfect Market!"

  • Low Prices - Real Estate is still very low priced compared to historical highs
  • Recovery -  The markets are recovering and going up, in some areas super fast
  • Low Interest - Wow, financing has never been cheaper than today, literally
  • Lots of Cash - There is lots of cash you can get your hands on to buy deals with
  • Locked Out - Regular people are locked out of "traditional home buying"

So if now’s the time, if it’s possible to create more profit now than in the last 2 down-market cycles we’ve seen, why are so many people afraid?

One of the reasons is the media. The truth is most people covering the news are NOT professional investors. They report news. That’s it. But because they’re in a position of trust, we tend to believe everything they say. And let’s face it, they’ve figured out bad news sells and that’s why we’re hearing so much bad news about real estate!

So once the news corporations get in on it, the general public starts to believe it. Next, you’ve got everyone you know talking about how bad things are, and how you should run for cover because things haven’t been this bad since the Great Depression.

Do you remember?  Just a couple of years ago we were convinced that basically "the sky was falling".  Real Estate would never recover.  Everything was bad and would stay that way forever.  How did that work out???

Real Estate is in FACT - RECOVERING.  Most areas are showing significant reduction in foreclosures with significant increase in prices.  Ah, the media, always right - NOT!!!

And notice how I said the “news corporations” because they are, in fact, corporations. A corporation is responsible for one thing and one thing only,( i.e. to make a profi)t. And here’s a sad, but very true, fact: nothing sells better than fear and negativity. The news outlets would not exist without bad news, without fear, without pointing at what’s wrong in the world.

Because they must make a profit, and because fear sells, you will basically ONLY hear the negative side of the story, and never the positive.

Another reason why so many people are scared right now is because we humans are emotional creatures. For many, Fear has set in.  A lot of people are only focusing on what could go bad.  Rather than coming to Burley Boot Camp and doing and investing and learning they are hunkering down with their scared friends and talking about all the reasons why they can't do it and why it won't work.  Know anybody like that?



Life changing, unforgettable. Anybody getting into real estate should start here and do it right. I Have much experience attending seminar but basically got much more information from John’s than all others combined. Excellent dominating presence, energy and I highly respect John’s integrity, he is sincere. I am grateful to all staff especially. Everybody was caring, professional and admirable

- Deb Battista


October 16th-20th, 2024

Isn't it Ironic..When it was hardest to make money investing in real estate, everybody wanted in… now that it’s easy everyone wants out, and that makes it much better for you.

Read on because...

Now that you know why now’s the time to invest, let me share with you what does work in this market today:

1)  Raising Private Money and Getting Paid $10,000 per property to do it. -  We have been working with Private Investors for Decades.  I come out of Wall St. Financial Planning.  They get that you must make money up front or your odds of making it our very small.  Many of our students have made $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, up to $250,000 in upfront monies in their first year.

One Graduate of Burley Boot Camp made over $4,000,000.00 just in upfront monies (plus all the profits from the Real Estate) in just over 3 years!

2) Buy Low, and Buy a Lot! - NOW is the time to be aggressive, when prices are still below historical norms.  We will show you where to go and how to buy in today's competitive markets.  This is Huge.  Things have changed, what worked a year ago, in many areas, no longer works at all.  Get in "The Know" at Burley Boot Camp.

3) Stop Putting the Cart in Front of the Horse - Too many wanna be Investors spend a bunch of time looking for deals with no money.  That horse is dead.  The real way, the business model that works is to first learn how to bring in the money and then go buy deals.

4)  Holding is more Profitable than Flipping, HOWEVER YOU MUST have a SYSTEM to MONETIZE to afford to Hold - in other words, every time you do a deal the "Burley Way" you will make money upfront, every time, so you can afford to Hold for the Cash Flow and Long-Term Profits.

Many Boot Camp Graduates completely changed how they do their "flip" business

5) Safety.  You Must Invest Safely and Build a Secure Future - Now is the time to have the Best Rules and Systems in place that you can learn from someone like me at the Burley Boot Camp.

6) Flipping is Great, If You Know How to Get Paid Fast so You Don't Get Caught - Flipping is great.  You just need to make sure you have access to cash soon enough to pay your bills and cover your needs.  We bring in one of the greatest "private" wholesalers in the country (just to teach, no selling) so you will learn how to be a Master Flipper!

7) Cash is NOT FREEDOM, Cash Flow IS FREEDOM - Burley Boot Camp Grads get this.  That is why so many of them are Financially Free within 18 months to 3 years.  I mean completely free, with enough money coming in every month to cover all of their expenses and then some (without needing a job!!!). 


Sensational! Worth every cent and so much more. John Burley and all the staff involved were extremely approachable which added to the training experience. Wow!! Just an amazing group of people. I feel very grateful to be a part of the team at boot camp and I am so very grateful that the staff shared their experiences with me. Their kindness will always be with me.

- Trean Guy


October 16th-20th, 2024


How To Make Money In THIS Market

I’m about to share with you the techniques that will help you in the current market. Before I do that though, let me explain something first.

A lot of people lost a lot of money (sometimes everything) for failing to understand this fundamental concept. You are NOT in the business of short sales, or foreclosures, or any other methods you were using to get into your property.

All those techniques are simply tools you can use at any given moment in time. A lot of people have failed because they are using tools that work in a completely different market. That would be like a caveman trying to survive in the modern world with pre-historic tools, tactics and strategies.

So I want you to forget tools & techniques and think of fundamentals. The purpose of the tools and techniques is to achieve a goal. If you find that achieving that goal is no longer possible with the tool you’ve always used, it’s time to adjust and use the proper tool.

If you ever attended Burley Boot Camp you learned the tools, techniques, and strategies that worked for that particular time… for that particular market. Things change, markets change, and you must change also. The objective is to stay profitable and that’s where the fundamental rules come into play.

What works now is old school...with a blend of technology where it REALLY works. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t sexy, but it works. These are time-tested techniques for working in any market, but work extremely well in our current market.

The main thing to remember is that right now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. The days of getting a property with little to no work and simply selling it for a profit are fading fast, which is all part of the cycle. Those are little teeny windows, but they are not normal.  I enjoyed it a couple of years ago, yet I knew it would pass quickly (as they always have). The key in this market is to look for upfront monies for putting the deal together, equity spreads that make sense, cash flow and the long-term growth.  But aside from looking at the equity spreads, you’ve got to look where most investors aren’t looking.

We will cover all the best places to buy...REOs, Short Sales, Trustee Sales, Sheriff Sales, Vacant Properties, Bankruptcy Sales, VA Repo's, Assignment of Contract, Tax Deeds, Tax Certificates, MLS, FSBOs, Auctions, Subject-To's, Mirror Wraps, Government Sales and much, much, much more.

That’s just a small list but you get the idea. Again, these aren’t all sexy or the latest and greatest fad, but they work, and they are proven, and they work like crazy because so many people were focusing on the “cool” stuff that they don’t know how to put these fundamental deals together in a way that makes it tremendously profitable.

OKAY, I'm REALLY INTERESTED.  What exactly do you cover at this Burley Boot Camp that has so many people making so much money???


We have attended numerous seminars and you are by far one of the best educators in the world!! Your sincerity and integrity speaks for itself and we hope that you will continue to educate and assist others to achieve their goals. We will no doubt continue to recommend your seminars to as many people as possible.
God bless you and your family.

Kind regards,
Brian & Patricia White
Sydney, Australia


October 16th-20th, 2024

The Burley Boot Camp is like no other event in the World.  The finest Instructors (notice I said Instructors, not people selling you stuff) are flown in, literally from around the Globe.  A Huge Staff of Former Burley Boot Camp Graduates (mandatory that all Staff Members have Graduated) who have gone on to become Financially Independent come back to help you on "your path to success."

They are volunteers, they do not get paid. They come back for three reasons:

1) To Give Back. They received so much personally that they come back to give to others!

2) To Thank Me and Support My Work. It is very humbling to have such an amazing group of people (who refuse to be paid) to want to come back and support what we do to change so many lives.

3) To be in the "Environment of Success" and possibility. The Staff have become long time friends, we refer to each other as the "Burley Family". They are from around the world yet they Love to come back and give, support and be with each other because it makes them stronger and more powerful in their own lives.

During Burley Boot Camp we spread out over 5 days what I do in an afternoon when I am out cutting deals!

We take you through all of the components required to successfully invest:

We make "Live" Phone Calls to Sellers and Realtors

We make "Real" Written Offers on "Real" Properties for Sale. 5 is the required minimum.

We show you how to buy without money, for real, in the real world.

We Attend Auctions.

We Inspect Properties, together in the field. Again, real properties that are in my inventory and that are up for sale! We show you EXACTLY what we look for and why.

We show you how to do Market Research.

You learn what properties to buy and why.

You learn how to make tens of thousands of dollars right out of the gate, if not at Burley Boot Camp.

Yes, deals are done and money is made at every Burley Boot Camp, all twenty of them and counting! And that is not my money, that is yours. You keep 100% of what you make, I don't keep any of your money!!!

You Learn all the details of how to, research property, determine value, submit offers, negotiate, and close the deal.

And so much more!

There is LOTS of Participation and Interaction at Burley Boot Camp.  The Student to Staff Ratio is an unprecedented 4 to 1.  That means for every 4 Students, there is one Staff Member.  You wanted personalized attention?  At Burley Boot Camp you will get it, Big Time!

The First Day of Burley Boot Camp

Today is actually the shortest day, although you are going to LEARN and DO A LOT!

We start off in the classroom by covering the 12 Generalized Principles of Investing, this will give you a firm grasp of Written Rules that will show you EXACTLY how to be a Great Real Estate Investor.

US and Global Market Update! I will go over and welcome feedback on the various markets around the US and the World!

You will then meet "MY SECRET WEAPON", your Platoon Leaders. These amazing people, with such track records of success, are truly "MY SECRET WEAPON". Their level of professionalism, their track record, their dedication are simply available no where else but at the Burley Boot Camp. You will meet them and hear their stories. All of them sat just a short time ago in the same classroom where you will be. They had the same fears, the same concerns, the same worries. They all went on to MEGA-SUCCESS and are here to make sure you get the same. Get to know them well and spend as much time with them as you can. They are very special people, and you and I are blessed to have them at the Burley Boot Camp!

We will then make "Live" Phone Calls from the room. We will cover all you need to know: Calls, Scripts, Presentations, Live Calls by Us, Live Calls by Students.

Then you will begin to make calls the "Burley Way"!

We will break for lunch, you will go with your Platoon Leader and Platoon, grab a box lunch (we are Real Estate Investors, we don't sit down for an hour "hotel chicken lunch") and then you will do Platoon Introductions and Instructions. Your Platoon is a very important part of your success at Burley Boot Camp. These group of people will become incredibly close and supportive friends on "Your Path to Success".

All Platoon Leaders are successful Investors in their own right. They will be there on Base (the hotel) 24/7 (literally) to support you and keep you on the right path. They will support you when you need it and kick your you know what when you need that!

Our Motto, "Failure is Not an Option". All Burley Boot Camp Volunteers, All of Them, 100% Without Exception Will Complete All Assignments and Graduate!

From your Platoon Meeting you will break out and start making calls on "live deals". The Platoon Leaders will spend individual time with each and every "volunteer" to make sure they are making the calls properly. Whether you need them to hold the phone and dial, or critique your advanced technique, all improve from the process.

The objective is to set up a minimum of two appointments for Sunday when you are out in the field making "live" written offers.

Then back to the classroom to debrief, followed by a discussion on Real Estate Niches to help you determine what is the best way for YOU TO INVEST!

We then finish up the day with a good old fashioned bona fide Western BBQ! You will love the location and the food! And YES, Boots and Hats are definitely in order.

This is an important night, because we know we need to bring down the barriers between Student and Instructor just as soon as possible. It is important that you see and realize that we are just regular people and that we are approachable so that you feel safe and comfortable in coming to us with your concerns and worries, so that we can help you during the event, not after.

Don't hold any questions back!

The Second Day of Burley Boot Camp

You start early "Soldier", and all meetings are Mandatory!!!

Platoon Meetings start at 7:45 AM (and don't worry we took out the 10 mile hikes and the calisthenics!), Platoon Meetings are an important time for personalized Q & A, debriefing, and discussing progress on assignments.

Lots of Content - the conversations begin on :

Buy and Hold
Quick Cash
Assignment of Contract
Short Sales
Government Sales
Cash Flow
Lease Options
"Mirror Wraps"
Agreement for Sale
Vendor Finance
Subject To
Existing Financing
Owner Financing

We will begin to look at and discuss these opportunities, and help you determine which is best for you, where you want to invest.  Because that is what counts, what is best for you!

Foreclosure Process - We will have a DETAILED discussion on the Foreclosure Process.  Including rules, procedures, entry points within the process, how to get the best deals, and auction strategy.

Then, it is out into the Field Again.  We will grab our box lunch (again no wasted time!) hop on a bus and head out down to the Maricopa County Trustee Sales where we will live attend the auctions.


If You Ever Saw "Property Wars", which is filmed in Phoenix, AZ, you will realize that it is not a Reality Show, but rather a Stupidity Show, and that the sales are not even Trustee Sales, they are staged bids.  TV  LOL

You will be working with Colonel John McCants, my best friend outside of family, with 26 years of auction experience.  He is a master in his market and he will teach you in "The REAL WORLD" how to master yours.  You will learn the auction process, bidding strategies for success, how to find the right properties to bid on, how to determine costs, and most important how not to over pay!

Auction Debrief - We will go over the "Live" deals that happened.  We will discuss the players and why they did what.  Remember. at Burley Boot Camp it is all "REAL WORLD" and we are playing with "live ammunition".  You will witness real deals that actually go down.  Some are great buys, some are beyond lousy (don't worry, we don't let you buy those!).  Learn what to do and what not to do!

Working with a Realtor - We will show you EXACTLY how to find, train and work with a Realtor.  Know this, most Realtors will not meet your needs.  You need to know exactly what you are looking for and why!

A full day is rounded out by dinner.  Most people go to one of our local Mexican restaurants and rumor has it that "karaoke" is there.

And don't forget, throughout the day, in between this very full schedule, you will be squeezing in even more phone calls, and getting comparables (analysis of properties) done.  Don't worry, what you don't know how to do your Platoon Leaders will teach you!


The Third Day of Burley Boot Camp

Early Morning Platoon Meeting begins your day.  Lots of discussions on comparable sales, determining value and appointments with Realtors for Day Four.

Then, the Entire Morning out Looking at Properties with John Burley - Big Day Today at Burley Boot Camp, from your Platoon Meeting we go straight to the bus and out into the field.  Today, you and I (along with our Platoon Leaders) are heading out to inspect properties.  I will show you exactly what I buy and what I don't buy (more important).  We will spend a great deal of time at every property, there will be LOTS of Q & A.  You will get EXACTLY WHAT PROPERTIES TO BUY AND WHY!  There will be no questions left unanswered, we will stay at each property until everyone gets it, GOT IT!  Graduates tell us this one session saves or makes them ten to twenty thousand on every deal they do for the rest of their lives - Burley Boot Camp paid for fast!

We will have a working lunch in the field at the last property!  Again, we are Real Estate Investors.  We are Trained the Burley Boot Camp Way!  We don't sit around wasting time, we move fast, and make lots of money!

Then back to the base (hotel) and debrief the morning field exercises.  I will go over the numbers until everyone gets it!  Everyone!  Remember, at Burley Boot Camp there is no Man or Woman left behind!

Paperwork - Next it is a contract writing session so you will be prepared for written offers on Sunday.  You will be taught the fine points and distinctions you need to know to bring home.

Remember 5 is the minimum required to graduate.  For you real go getter's the record is 130.  That is 130 confirmed written, signed and submitted offers by one student at one Burley Boot Camp, think they made money?

How to Process Numbers - One Huge thing you will learn today is how to process and understand "The Money and The Numbers".  You see, Real Estate Investing is NOT about EMOTIONS, although that is how most people buy.  Rather Real Estate Investing is about "The Money and the Numbers".  They work or they don't.  If they work, we buy.  If they don't, we don't.

After today you will have this HUGE DISTINCTION down forever.

After a "hosted" dinner outside in the Wonderful Arizona weather, we will shift gears, and address the real reason why people don't get the success they want...and it has absolutely nothing to do with motivation or knowledge...

I do this process with a dear friend of mine.  Most Burley Boot Camp Grad's tell us it was one of, if not, THE Most Significant Thing They Learned and Mastered at Burley Boot Camp.


The Fourth Day of Burley Boot Camp

This is the Biggest Day at Burley Boot Camp.

With your new attitude we begin with your Platoon Meeting, then back into the Big Room where John Burley kicks in a fast-paced, content packed morning of content and tools you can take right out into the field today!

We start the day covering three areas that are so critical to your success.

First, we go over Negotiate, Persuasion and Influence skills.  We are really going to "sharpen the axe" today, and provide you with skills you never had before.  You will learn how to Negotiate, Persuade and Influence like never before.

Then, we will teach you how to stay Persistent and Diligent.  How to Keep Your Belief and Faith High while "In the Fire".  These skills will give you what you need when "life" gets in your way and tries to stop you!

The rest of today hundreds, even thousands, of Written Offers will be made out into the Market.

Each and Every Student will Make at Least Five Written Offers, Mandatory and Required.

If any fear, any at all just kicked up, then you just 100% confirmed that you absolutely NEED to be at this year's Burley Boot Camp.

You see, it is just that fear, that doubt, that has kept you from what you want, where you want to be, what you want to accomplish, what you want to have.

So what popped up for you?

I don't have the money to buy Real Estate!

I don't have any credit or money!

I don't want to own Real Estate in Phoenix!

I don't know what a good deal is!

I don't want to lose money!

I can't do that!

So what was it???

If you had anything come up as to why you can't or couldn't do it, that is what we call "Story".  Story is what we tell ourselves we can or can't do.  They dictate our lives and our results.

Two Examples of "Story" -

Good Story - I was privileged to write the book Wealth Building 101 with Donald Trump.  From the time Donald was 14 his "story" was that he would be a multi-billionaire.  He told himself this story over and over until it sunk into the core of his being.  And he became a multi-billionaire.

Note:  A common "story" about Mr. Trump's "story" I hear a lot is that, "Well it was easy for him, his parents were rich".  Fact: At their peak his parents were worth 20 million, he is worth 5 billion.  To put that into perspective (by taking off a few zeroes), that means if your parents were ever worth 20 thousand dollars, you would have 5 million.  The ratios are the EXACT SAME.  So, based on your "story", where is your 5 million? (Ouch)

The insidious, self-destructive "story" of the middle class.

Bad Story (Normal Story) - I can't do that because I am too (fill in the blank) old, young, poor, bad back ground, no education, no good contacts, dysfunctional family, etc., etc., etc.

Here is what successful people know about "story"

1) We all have them, both good and bad.

2) Successful people train themselves to identify and eliminate/reduce the bad "story" which is entirely fear based, and although real, not true.  And to take the good "story" and run with it and make it so.

It is entirely a CHOICE available to all.

So, if what clicked for you was all the reasons you couldn't do it, know that part of you is "stuck" in "story" and it is keeping you from what you want.  Because here is the "Truth" about those excuses, that "story".

I don't have the money to buy Real Estate?

Who said you needed money?  Who said we were going to use money?  Who said we were going to use your money?

You made that all up.  The fact is, many, many transactions are bought and sold at Burley Boot Camp without the person who started the deal having any money in the game.

So, what is your "story"?

I don't have any credit or money?

A lot of Real Estate Investors start out with very little money or credit (or none).  There are many techniques and systems you will learn at Burley Boot Camp that will require ZERO MONEY or CREDIT on your part.

Again, what is your "story"?

I don't want to own Real Estate in Phoenix?

Who said you were going to?  I sure didn't.  I said you were going to make written offers to buy Real Estate in Phoenix.  I never said anything about you owning any of it, did I?

You see on the first morning we have every student who HAS THE MONEY and is INTERESTED IN OWNING PHOENIX Real Estate stand up and identify themselves.

Generally, about a third of the class, and often more, has the money (or access to the money) to buy and own Real Estate in Phoenix and would LOVE to PAY YOU THOUSANDS of DOLLARS for YOUR DEAL that you set up with NONE of YOUR OWN MONEY!

At every Burley Boot Camp, several of these transactions occur, with the person who found the deal making thousands of dollars by "assigning" their "deal" to another person at the Burley Boot Camp.

Again, what is your "story"?  Is it going to make you rich?  Or keep you poor?

I don't know what a good deal is?

Few people do!  And I mean that.  I see people with lots of time in the game or money who make bad deal after bad deal.  Why?  Two reasons, poorly trained and poor "story".

That is why you are coming to Burley Boot Camp, to learn what a good deal is, and to learn how to put them together, whether you have the money or not!

And most importantly, to have your "story" in such a place that you ask yourself "HOW CAN I" rather than tell yourself "I CAN'T".

"Story", where is yours?

I don't want to lose money!

Of course you don't.  Nor should you.  Every accepted offer, by law, is given a "time period" to "inspect" and "remove contingencies", BY LAW.

If the deal is simply not good enough, or you can't put it together, you "exercise your rights" and opt out with no penalty, under law.

We teach you to Invest Safely.  If the deal does not work right away, and you do not want it, you can simply exit the agreement (with proper notice of course).

So, losing money is a fear, an emotional response..  Based on lack of education and most commonly the "story" that keeps one from entering.

And remember, at Burley Boot Camp, you are taught to invest based on "The Money and The Numbers", not "The Emotions".


I can't do that!

A simple question, why can't you?

One of our Great Burley Boot Camp Graduates is Nick Vujicic.  Nick was born without arms or legs.  Yet, he went on to become a successful Real Estate Investor and one of the great motivational speakers of our time.

On days when we are down, or feeling low, or discouraged, we have a saying, "If Nick, with no arms or legs can do it, I can do it."

We choose to change our "story" from one of fear, to one of victory!

What do you choose?

So on this day we make lots of written offers, lots and lots of written offers.  Many will be rejected, many will be countered and responded to, and some...will be accepted!!!

At every Burley Boot Camp, offers are accepted, deals are made, and money goes into Graduates pockets!

So on Day Four of Burley Boot Camp, is the day when, as the saying goes, "The Boys become Men", and "The Girls become Women".

  1. The only way to be successful is "TO DO".  Studying, researching, talking about it, only take you so far.  You must do.

The rest of the day is spent in "The Field" making written offers.  The "War Room" (training room for you civilians) will remain staffed and open to help you throughout the day.  Your Platoon Leaders will be available in person or via phone for you, for whatever comes up.

We are 100% committed to your success.  We know that the MOMENTUM GAINED from this day of making written offers PROPELS PEOPLE TO SUCCESS.

Momentum, Confidence, Knowledge, Action, they are HUGE KEYS to SUCCESS.

After today, you will never be the same again.  A huge disabling, dehabilitating part of you will be gone forever.  You see that is how fear and "story" work.  Once you move through them they are gone...forever.


As we like to say, you will be a "MEAN LEAN INVESTING MACHINE!"

That night we will debrief into the wee hours of the evening at a M*A*S*H themed cocktail party.  There will be roundtables for ongoing discussions with Leaders and Special Guests, networking, guest hosts from my home office staff to discuss logistics and administration for your Real Estate Investing and much, much more.

And of course, on this night, accepted offers start to come in!!!

The Fifth Day of Burley Boot Camp

Platoon Meetings start bright and early.

Today, we will cover many things, and the most important will be MONEY.

How to get it, how to raise it, how to make it.  FAST!

Burley Boot Camp Graduates have raised Billions of Dollars (one closing company alone has completed well in excess of 10,000 Burley Boot Camp Graduate deals).  Our numbers are unprecedented.  Our success rate is without competition.

You will simply now be the best.

As a Graduate of Burley Boot Camp you are entering the company of Champions.  The Elite of the Elite, the Best of the Best.  That is who you are becoming.

John will show you step-by-step The Secrets to Raising Private Money:

1) How to Get Started

2) How to Develop a List

3) How to Contact the List

4) How to Set up the Appointment

5) The Presentation

6) Handling Questions

7) Getting the Money and Making a $10,000 fee for you per commitment.

And after he is done showing you...you are going to go RAISE MONEY!

That is right, you will raise money, for your own investing.

It is normal at Burley Boot Camp for students to set up appointments and raise millions of dollars for deals as they head home!

Imagine how powerful, and the momentum you will take home!

That afternoon we will cover marketing, and more advanced acquisition techniques.

We will then have our Graduation Ceremony and send you tearfully and cheerfully on your way.

But, you will not go home alone.  You will take your "90 Day Plan of Action", that when followed will provide you with what you need to make at least $10,000!  100% of Burley Boot Camp Grad's who have followed the plan have made the money.

They lay it out that well.  The system is that refined.  It makes sense, and most importantly it works.

Isn't time for you to make that decision...

That commitment...

That your time is now...

That your time is here...

That YOU are ready for Burley Boot Camp!


October 16th-20th, 2024

Thinking of not going? Don’t Do That!

The inability for people to TAKE ACTION is the main reason most people live lives of quiet desperation…

They sit at home, or at work, or anywhere else BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS… literally sitting there in quiet desperation. Everything seems great on the outside, but on the inside, man oh man…

You need to become really good at what we teach at Burley Boot Camp.  And we teach the best possible way, by doing!

Here’s Your Biggest Obstacle

Taking Action!  For most that is Making Offers or Raising Money

And you already know that.  Without SPECIFIC ACTION nothing good happens.

And in the REAL ESTATE BUSINESS the SPECIFIC ACTION requires the following:

1) You and another party, there to do business.

2) Money to change hands.

3) Legal Documents to be executed.

That is it.  And what Burley Boot Camp does is first provide you with all the details, the forms, the systems, and the DOING

The actually going out and getting it done.  You already know that you’ve got to submit written offer to get deals.  Yet most people just don't make them, or any where enough of them. Without that, there’s no way you’re getting your hands on that piece of property to quick turn for a big profit or turn it into a cash cow for you.

But there is an obstacle in your way.

It’s an obstacle that EVERYONE has. In fact, I had to deal with this same obstacle too.

The obstacle is simply this. If you’ve never made a written offer. If you’ve never done market research to make sure that what you’re offering is the absolute best price you can possibly offer, if you’ve never actually gone out there and DONE the work…

...chances are you will not, after reading this report, go out and do it.

You see, you’ve never done it before. You wouldn’t know what to do. And even if you can work yourself up to getting it done, the fact that you’ve never done it before will most likely keep you up at night with heartburn just thinking about it.

That’s why I host Burley Boot Camp.

Burley Boot Camp is an intensive, 5 full days of real-world, hands-on training.

It’s called “Boot Camp” for a reason.

You saw how important it is to make written offers, right? Well at Boot Camp, you will be making written offers. REAL written offers. Not pretend, not writing out on a piece of paper and then taking it home with you.


You’ll be writing up the offer, signing it, and submitting it.

Sounds scary right? Well it is. In fact, if someone would’ve told me when I started that I would have to submit a written offer to buy a piece of property and I had to do it right there on the spot, I would’ve run for the hills.

But at Burley Boot Camp we do it very differently.

You see, aw we discussed, everyone at Burley Boot Camp gets split up into small groups, we call them platoons and each platoon gets a Leader.

Each Platoon Leader is an ACTIVE investor personally chosen by me to gently take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step throughout the entire process.

You see, even though at Burley Boot Camp you'll be sitting in a classroom learning, more than half of the entire 5 days you’re actually DOING what you’re learning. In the real world, in real time.

That way, instead of cramming your brain with tons of information and then having you go home with nothing but notes, you get to go home…

...having ALREADY done it!

Now let me ask you a question.

Wouldn’t you agree that the chances of you being successful shoot all the way up if you get to first do it in a controlled environment with people that have been through it before and actually do the work for a living?

Of course.

Everyone knows that learning by doing is the best way to learn. And what I do at Burley Boot Camp is pair you up with an active investor that’s investing full time so you can do it while under your Leader’s supervision.

So now, not only are you doing it for real, you’re doing it with someone there taking care of you every step of the way.

Can you see why your chances of success go up?  Way up?

Of course, Burley Boot Camp is full of information.

It’s so much information in fact, it’s like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant!

But here’s the best part. Because you’ll be doing it live you won’t have to worry about memorizing anything…see once you get home, you’ll already have the experience of doing it, making it so much easier for you to continue when you get home. But once you get home, that’s not the end of it.

Not by a long shot.


Outstanding. Was more than promised. Every speaker gave great value as well as all the activities.

John has a great style, knowledge and delivery. Outstanding organization.

- Joy Bekedam


October 16th-20th, 2024

You see, before you leave, we give you a step-by-step 90-day action plan.

The purpose of this 90-day plan of action is simple. To get you to close a deal in 90 days that puts cash in your pocket.

Because you’ve already done the work at Boot Camp, following the 90-day plan will be a breeze. And because it’s setup as a step-by-step guide, you can follow it at your own pace…

...even if you’re working full time!

Every week, you’ll have some tasks you need to complete. For example, early on you’ll need to make some realtor contacts.

Well the 90-day action plan will guide you through making those contacts using the proven scripts you received while at Boot Camp.

We’ve documented that every student who follows the 90-day action plan closes a deal… of course, like everything else you have to follow it, but remember… because you’ve already done it, your biggest obstacle has been destroyed because you went to Burley Boot Camp.

Watch This Quick Video...

You know, it's kind of hard to talk about Burley Boot Camp, so...

...instead of talking about it, here, let me SHOW you what it looks like.

Like I said before, this is truly a Boot Camp. It's intense, but at the same time extremely rewarding. But before I get into the details of joining, let's get something out of the way.

As you know real estate is one of the smartest investments you can put your money into. So it stands to reason that investing in your own real estate education is always a safe bet.

And when you consider what you stand to gain the choice is obvious. We have hundreds of students that couldn't be happier after coming to Boot Camp, just read all the testimonials below. And you can join them – if you take action.

Look, I'll be completely transparent with you. If you think of this as just another purchase, it's not cheap. Tuition for the Burley Boot Camp is $11,997 -- though right now there is an Early Bird Discount... more on that in a sec.

The tuition (even if you pay full price) is really a pittance if you think about everything you stand to gain. It truly is an investment. The ULTIMATE INVESTMENT. Because you'll have access to the inner workings of a powerful SYSTEM that could free you from the daily grind once and for all and set you firmly on the path to wealth.

Here's Who Should Attend The Burley Boot Camp

  • If you're serious about creating wealth quickly through real estate then Burley Boot Camp is for you...
  • If you're ready to quit the rat race once and for all, and start creating your own life on your own terms, this is for you.
  • If you're ready once and for all to escape your debts and start enjoying the freedom, independence and prestige of a successful real estate investor it's time to step up to the plate and reserve your seat.

Here's Who Should NOT Attend The Burley Boot Camp

This is definitely not for everyone. The tuition alone should be enough to weed out the tire-kickers and curiosity-seekers.

  • If you're bouncing around from one real estate seminar to the next without applying what you're learning... this isn't for you
  • If you don't have a positive, can do attitude, this isn't for you...
  • If you're not coachable and you already know all this stuff, yet have little to no results, this isn't for you...
  • If you're a habitual complainer, are sure nothing will work or in any other way make the lives of those who try to help you impossible, this is REALLY not for you...

However, if you're ready to take my system and let it work for you...

This Could Be One Of The Most Important Investments You've Ever Made In Yourself

Invest in yourself with 5 days that can change the rest of your life.

To reserve your seat, all you have to do is go and click on the link below, the one that says, "Yes, John! I'm ready to join by clicking here..."

Once you do that, your seat will be reserved.

We will pay for all your working meals while you're here, so all you have to pick up is your travel, non-working meals and your room, which we've already negotiated on your behalf so you're getting a really low price...

Oh and one other thing. It is mandatory to stay in the hotel. You see, this is a real Boot Camp, and The Base is the hotel. Everyone, including staff must stay on base. Why? Because we work long hours and everyone needs to be in the same area.

After you get the email with the hotel information, you'll then register your room and you'll be all set.

You will also get delivered to your house some materials you'll need for Boot Camp, but you'll get more information on that after registration.

Here's What You Get When You Register Today:

Read this section because it tells you about the Early Bird Discount, AND a very special Pre-Boot Camp Training.

  • Because you're registering BEFORE Sep 30th, 2024, you'll get an Early Bird Discount of 2,495.00. Your investment is only $11,997, plus...
  • ...Because you're registering now, you can take advantage by splitting up your investment. In fact, the Earlier You Register the lower the monthly investment.
  • Bonus Available only until Sep 30th, 2024. When you register now, you'll also get at no cost, a 6-Lesson Training Course BEFORE the Boot Camp even begins. The 6-Lesson Training Course is designed to get you a deal even BEFORE you get to Boot Camp. After Oct 1st, this 6-Lesson training will be offered as an additional option for $1,197, but... because you're registering now, you'll get it for FREE instead of paying the extra $1,197. The Training Begins

"The Burley Boot Camp Field Training Experience will take place in October 16th-20th, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona
And Here Are 2 Ways To Register:

Option #1: You Can Call Now To Register By Calling:

International +1 623-561-8246

Option #2: You Can Register Online, Using Our Secure Server By Clicking On The Link Below:


October 16th-20th, 2024


And whether you choose to be at Burley Boot Camp or not, don’t forget what I’ve told you already. You need to take action, go out into your neighborhoods and start getting to know where you want to invest. Talk to realtors, investors, and any one else who can provide you with information on your local market.

Figure out exactly what your exit strategy’s going to be… are you going to cash flow, or quick cash, or buy and hold, whatever it is stick to it.

And finally, don’t forget the most important thing of all.

Take Action.  Raise Money and Make written offers. Get past your fear and just put your offer on paper, sign it and submit it.

If you can do this, I promise you’ll be successful.

And like I said before, if any of this interests you, if you really want more freedom to do the things you want to do, like take the vacation of a lifetime anytime you want, or pay for you child's education, or whatever dreams you have, make sure to be at Burley Boot Camp in October 16th-20th, 2024 .

Till then…

Good Investing,

John Burley

P.S. Please call my office if you have any questions at all. The toll-free number is: 800-561-8246

P.P.S. Now that you know what works in THIS market, what are you gonna do it about it? Like I said, nothing happens unless you do something so at the very least get out there and get to know the neighborhoods you plan to invest in.

P.P.P.S. You probably don’t know it yet, but just in these few pages you know more about the current market than most investors in your area… seriously. If you don’t believe me, go to a real estate investing club in your area and see how little people there are out there investing…not how much they are complaining about they can't get a deal... that’s because they didn’t apply what you learned in this report.


Great. How do I express my gratitude for this program that has given me my life back? One of those people with a good heart that god has found! I feel confident to go home and get started. All staff were always ready to help.

- Bill LaRock


First class! Top notch! Outstanding, defiantly a cut above. More than anybody could imagine. If you go away and do not become successful you can only blame yourself. I want to thank all of the staff and team for all they have given to me.

- Barabara Prosch


Most awesome. I’m coming back for sure. Very friendly and professional. A big thank you to John Burley and team. You guys are the best! Thank you.

- Kevin Blake


Better than I expected. The exercises were great. Most outstanding training/education I have ever attended. The best, challenging and rewarding.

Integrity/ the best of any trainer ever.

- Gregory Blunk


Top notch.Very professional, courteous and so helpful.

- Jason Eckles


Great. Excellent rapport, maintained interest / entertaining stories, and what mistakes to avoid.

- Kathy Engelbrecht


The training was loaded with information. The whole time was interesting while having fun. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to be with.

- Bill Croix


Fantastic. A life changing experience, I will be putting this into use to completely change my financial situation. John was very personal able, a great leader and educator.

- Todd Gulinson


Superb! Tons of information. More than I expected. Best all – inclusive seminar ever. Clear, concise, sharp and fun. Knows his stuff, also killer beliefs. Staff was positive and supportive.

- Natasha Pizzarello


Awesome. Unbelievably supportive and loving and always cheering you on.

I was able to quit my job on because of what you teach.

- Steele Scott


What incredible value! A wealth of knowledge! The best!

- Susan Martin


What can I say? It was fabulous, of course. Lovely, efficient, friendly, groovy, snappy dressers, great organizers, excellent can do attitudes, great dancers, funny – you know, generally wonderful. I really appreciate John, the team for putting on the boot camp even in the face of such a tough year personally. Thanks John, and the team.

- Cath Wood


October 16th-20th, 2024


Excellent. What I have learned is worth the price of tuition. Great! Could not have been more fun and exhausting simultaneously. Very high energy. He knows his crowd and his people. Master of sales and psychology. They could not be happier to help you and answer your questions and befriend you.

- Richard LaRose


Helpful, friendly, cheerful, motivating, organized and happy. I think he must be the most humble speaker ever. I will keep coming back.

- Babette Lary


Informative and life changing. It becomes hard to tell which is the best quality John possesses. He is the most stand out educator, investor, and mentor. Above all he is a truly inspirational speaker.

- Michael Faust


October 16th-20th, 2024


Unique and one of a kind. Incredibly valuable, inspirational and motivational. The staff was very professional and helpful. I’ll be back! You rock! Let’s go fishing.

- Tawnya Gilreath


Amazing, well presented and truly educational. Please keep it up. Thank you for an excellent 5 days, and for your willingness to share your knowledge, and expertise. All logistics matters were taken care of with finesse and excellence.

- Mike Mills


Awesome, really changed my outlook and attitude. Super, great trainer, he makes me want to be a better family man.

- Keith Heyer


October 16th-20th, 2024


Awesome! Life changing! Informative, great learning. I had so much fun. Great information, personal, genuinely cares and wants us all to understand information well. John and all the staff were personable and willing to help each of us individually.

- Lori Peterson


We met the kind of people we would love to be with and work with. This was a life changing experience. I felt like the staff really cared about us and were extremely willing to help and give a positive experience. These are the kind of people whose family we would love to be a part of.

- Jeff Jensen


It has been an amazing and overwhelming five days. The Burley Boot Camp rocks! An awesome experience.

- Derrick Klocke


Extremely grateful I made the decision to attend. This is the start of an exciting new journey. I will return with my wife. Thanks for the opportunity of a new journey.

- Peter Manuel


A real learning experience. The best course I have ever been to…“The man” overflowing w/info waiting to share.

- Sanova McCarthy


Spectacular. Life changing. Very knowledgeable , solid information.

- Melvina Cheung


Awesome, this is not just a seminar it is a life changing event. Anyone looking at investing real estate seriously should attend his course. John is an awesome, great teacher and motivator, with integrity. Everyone was very helpful and cheerful and supporting.

- Murrey Wills


Absolutely the best I have ever experienced. One of the best things I have ever done in my life which will change the course I will follow. John entertains, informs, challenges- a great speaker who balances facts with stories to illustrate so that his audience is with him every second. Never boring!

- Fiona Hayne


Fantastic. Best five days I ever spent. Everything was first class. Clear concise, no fooling around. The whole staff did a great job of keeping us informed and provided a first rate experience. Gave us every opportunity to interact and saw to it that the whole five days went smoothly.

- Bob Stovall


Excellent. Intensive. Worth every penny. Very helpful.

- Sharon Tighe


Got my money worth. Feels good – Thanks! Well done. A great leader. Well coordinated. Thanks for the positive support.

- Donald A. Turner


Tremendous experience. Integrity, wit, rapport, delivery of knowledge is all the best. Excellent and motivating.

- Diane Wilson


One of the best trainings I have taken. Great training, close class relationship, awesome mentors. Energetic, funny, excellent presenter. Materials easy to understand. Staff is great. Logistics is excellent. Everything is covered.

- Antonio Wiryawan


Good and exciting! . Fast pace! Packed with great do-able information love it and I know I can do it. Great presentation; Great speaker. Great staff and great hearts. Two thumbs up.

- Simon Yeh


Outstanding. I would rank it amongst the top two of the hundred plus seminars I have done. Fantastic value. Excellent, very professional and a big heart.

- Mark Barretto


October 16th-20th, 2024


Very good. Can’t beat them with a stick.

- Michael Beatire


Best training I have ever received second to none. Words can not describe it. It was outstanding. Sensational - strengthened my understanding and belief. I have never met a bunch of people who were as interested in how I was doing. You have to be here to understand. All are extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable.

- Neil Smith


An incredible journey. Excellent presentation, highly motivating. Can do hands on ,Great. Extremely good presenter keeps you interested through out.

- Ruoi Brunow


Life changing. Awesome. Excellent.

- Jan Ouwerkerb


Unbelievable. The best! Hearts of gold. Best trainer ever! What can I say, He’s influential and incredible.

- Jason Fielding


Awesome. So much great new information. It was amazing. Great, available and helpful.

- Daran Wastchak


Excellent experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Wealth of knowledge, good speaker.

- Rich Keene


It was very much more than I ever imagined! Great.

- Dave Weigand


Great experience. So knowledgeable about the information.

- Eric Kruk


They were all in top form. Focused and helpful.

- Gary Harper


Outstanding. Staff is awesome. Logistics great.

- Emilio Justo


Wonderful week of information and inspiration.

- Rick Keene


Quite comprehensive and supportive. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

- Diane Schuster


Sensational, creative, powerful and motivational. Enormous impact on my life.

- Trean Goy


- Peter Hou

- Christopher Mogridge

Exciting. Excellent.
- Ramon Nunez

Extraordinary. Excellent.
- Oleg Patsiselsky

- Leslie Peng

- Martha Penner

- Michael Sankowski




Hotel Information


Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix North/Happy Valley

1940 W. Pinnacle Peak Road,Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States

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October 16th-20th, 2024


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